When you hitch a ride with Hazel, you can count on a smooth ride.
Move your image forward without taking your budget backward.
Hitch a ride with Hazel today!

Because Hazel Creative Services is a one-man show, we are able to keep our overhead low. No fancy office, company car or expense account here. That means we are able to offer our services to you at a fraction of the cost of larger firms. We also offer a number of our services on a Flat Pricing basis, meaning you can ensure you get the results you need, at a cost that works, with no surprises when the invoice arrives. Click here to learn more about our Flat Pricing!

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One of the benefits offered by Hazel Creative Services is that when you need something done, you will talk directly to the person working on your job … ME! With the lines of communication wide open, all the time, you can be sure that your job is going to get done to your satisfaction within the time frame needed. If you need to speed things up a bit, just ask… If you need a tweak here and some message massaging there, just ask… If you need… Ahhh, you get the idea. Click here to learn more about the Hazel difference!

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When you choose Hazel Creative Services, you are getting a partner in your project. And Hazel Creative Services brings a unique skill set to the table. I am trained in graphic design (for print and web), editing (for publications and online), and copy writing (for all forms of media). That means you have access to a one-stop-shop to get your project from concept to completion without engaging a number of different companies and/or contacts. Click here to learn more about our Services!

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